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Out on a Limb
“Constitution Party candidate Eric Deaton’s Senate run in Ohio is looking like a longshot tonight after he was indicted on a single count of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.”–TalkingPointsMemo.com, Sept. 1

Auditioning to Be the Next Obama Girl
“Chris Matthews–‘Obama Is Almost Perfect’; Joan Walsh–‘He’s the American Dream’ “–headline, NewsBusters.org, Aug. 31

Psychologists Attempt to Explain the Obama Agenda
“Irrational Decisions Might Actually Make Sense”–headline, PsychCentral.com, Sept. 1

With DNC in Mind, City Bans Carrying Urine, Feces
“Regulations Fuzzy on Cat Pooping”–headline, Mail Tribune (Medford, Ore.), Sept. 1

“How Did Democrats Get Here?”–headline, New York Times website, Aug. 31

Mary Jo Kopechne Could Not Be Reached for Comment
“Kennedy Boat Capsized in Lake Michigan”–headline, Chicago Tribune, Aug. 31

The Lonely Lives of Booksellers
“Blair Memoir Excites Booksellers, Riles Critics”–headline, Associated Press, Aug. 31

The Lonely Lives of Japanese Men

  • “Japanese Man Calculates Pi to 5 Trillion Digits on Homemade Computer”–headline, Daily Telegraph (London), Aug. 31
  • “Only in Japan, Real Men Go to a Hotel With Virtual Girlfriends”–headline, The Wall Street Journal, Aug. 31

She’s Gotten a Bit Stooped in Her Old Age
“Mother’s Embrace Moves to Center”–headline, Stamford (Conn.) Advocate, Aug. 31

Mmm, Battered Cod
“Earl on a Path to Batter Outer Banks, Cape Cod”–headline, AccuWeather.com, Aug. 31

Hey, Kids! What Time Is It?

Questions Nobody Is Asking

  • “Could Your Flip Flops Be Contributing to Your Foot Problems?”–headline, KSDK-TV website (St. Louis), Aug. 31
  • “If the World Is Going to Hell, Why Are Humans Doing So Well?”–headline, Scientific American website, Sept. 1
  • “Did You Apply for a Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Scholarship From Eddie Bernice Johnson?”–headline, Dallas Morning News website, Aug. 31
  • “Does It Matter That Glenn Beck Is a Mormon?”–headline, TheWeek.com, Aug. 31
  • “What Was Obama’s Oval Office Address About, Exactly?”–headline, Washington Post website, Aug. 31
  • “What’s the Matter With Texas?”–headline, PajamasMedia.com, Aug. 31
  • “Do Most Christians Decorate Christmas Trees With Ornaments of Chairman Mao and Transvestites?”–headline, AmericanThinker.com, Sept. 1

Answers to Questions Nobody Is Asking

  • “Why Paul Raymond, the Porn King of Soho, Is a Hero”–headline, Daily Telegraph (London), Sept. 1
  • “Why Obama Doesn’t Get Glenn Beck”–headline, Washington Post website, Aug. 31

Look Out Below!
“Bus Drops Boy 15 Miles Away”–headline, Omaha World-Herald, Aug. 31

Too Much Information

  • “Tony Blair’s Memoirs Paint Affectionate Portrait of John Prescott”–headline, Guardian (London), Sept. 1
  • “Workplace Salaries: At Last, Women on Top”–headline, Time.com, Sept. 1

Someone Set Up Us the Bomb
“Police Seek Guess Who Guitar Stolen at Tales of Blue Ash”–headline, WLWT-TV website (Cincinnati), Aug. 31

Everything Seemingly Is Spinning Out of Control
“Barack the Neocon”–headline, New York Post, Sept. 1

News of the Tautological
“Memory Lapses to Be Discussed Twice”–headline, South Bend (Ind.) Tribune, Aug. 31

Breaking News From 2008
“Saying Anything About Palin”–headline, Politico.com, Sept. 1

News You Can Use
“Mind Your Diet During Puberty”–headline, Times of India, Sept. 1

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