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Metaphor Alert

Chris Wallace: “And you hear about Democrats talking about House races pulling back and basically throwing some incumbent Democratsunder the bus, saying, ‘You know, we’re just not going to spend money on those races because they’re going to lose,’ and circling the wagon, building their firewall tighter and tighter, while Republicans are pouring money into an expanding battlefield.” Brit Hume: “That is thetrajectory of the race. There’s no doubt about that, Chris.”–“Fox News Sunday,” Oct. 17

Out on a Limb

  • “Black Turnout Will Be Crucial for Democrats”–headline, New York Times, Oct. 17
  • “For GOP, Tea Party Candidates Help–and Hurt”–headline, Associated Press, Oct. 16
  • “No Matter Which Party Has Majority After Midterms, Congress Poised for Conflict”–headline, Washington Post, Oct. 16

Minus the Gratitude and Humility
“Obama Is Like a Chilean Miner, Harry Reid Says”–headline, MSNBC.com, Oct. 18

He’s Deep in a Hole, and Only the Ingenuity of Risk-Taking Capitalists Can Save Him
“Harry Reid: Obama ‘Like the Chilean Miners’ “–video title, RealClearPolitics.com, Oct. 18

With DNC in Mind, City Bans Carrying Urine, Feces

  • “Only a Matter of Time: ‘Poop’ Cited in PA Senate Race”–headline, Philadelphia Daily News website, Oct. 15
  • “Dean Pees on the Other Side Now”–headline, Boston Herald, Oct. 15

“Obama Stumps in Massachusetts”–headline, CNN.com, Oct. 16

And They’re Fighting Nixon’s War
“Kerry: ‘We Are in Setti Warren’s City’ “–headline, Boston Globe, Oct. 16

‘I Have the Bag to This Day’
“Kerry Riffs on Tea Party”–headline, Washington Examiner website, Oct. 16

‘. . . Randomly Shot at Civilians, Razed Villages in Fashion Reminiscent of Genghis Khan . . .’
“John Kerry Fires at GOP Senate Nominees”–headline, Politico.com, Oct. 16

The Cost Was Revised Upward to $862B
” ‘Jackass’ Gang Pulls Biggest Stunt With $50M Debut”–headline, Associated Press, Oct. 17

Eminent Domain Has Gone Too Far
“State Department Condemns East Jerusalem Building”–headline, Jerusalem Post, Oct. 17

That’s an Invidious Overgeneralization
“Bledisloe Cup: All Blacks Haka Always Invokes the Gods of War”–headline, Epoch Times, Oct. 15

¿Qué Haríamos Nosotros sin Expertos?
“Latino Aging Stumps Experts”–headline, The Wall Street Journal, Oct. 16

The Lonely Lives of Scientists

  • “Scientists: Tyrannosaurus Rex Munched on Its Own Kind”–headline, CNN.com, Oct. 17
  • “Scientists Studying Kangaroo Rats’ Reaction to Moon”–headline, Portales (N.M.) News-Tribune, Oct. 15

The Lonely Lives of Lamas
“Dalai Lama Talks Meditation With Stanford Scientists”–headline, Stanford Daily, Oct. 18

The Lonely Life of Bill Maher
“Bill Maher Uses Brett Favre’s Penis Sexting to Bash Sarah Palin and White Men”–headline, NewsBusters.org, Oct. 16

‘Now I Remember Who Moved My Cheese!’
“Experimental Drug Preserves Memory in Rodents”–headline, TechnologyReview.com, Oct. 18

How She Got in His Pajamas He’ll Never Know
“Politician Stands Next to a Lingerie Model While Wearing Duckie Pajamas”–headline, Gawker.com, Oct. 16

Unfortunately, Dad Was Too Wasted to Remember the Combination
“California Boy Lost by Drunk Dad Found Safe”–headline, FoxNews.com, Oct. 18

Second Prize Is 100 Years
” ‘I Love New York’ Contestant Gets 50 Years to Life”–headline, San Francisco Chronicle, Oct. 17

He Just Smiled and Gave Me a Vegemite Sandwich
“Aliens in Skirts Get Brushoff From Men at Work: Miriam Meckel”–headline, Bloomberg, Oct. 17

‘Man Up, Harry Reid’
“Manly Woman Treated, Released After Accident”–headline, Globe Gazette (Mason City, Iowa), Oct. 15

Hey, Kids! What Time Is It?
“Hey, Candidates, Time to ‘Man Up’ “–headline, New York Times website, Oct. 15

Questions Nobody Is Asking

  • “Emasculation Politics: What’s Wrong With ‘Manning Up’?”–headline, ABCNews.com, Oct. 15
  • ” ‘Man Up?’ What if Harry Reid Told Sharron Angle to ‘Act Like a Lady’?”–headline, Mediaite.com, Oct. 15
  • “Was Sharron Angle a Sexist to Tell Harry Reid, ‘Man Up!’?”–headline, Alan.com, Oct. 15
  • “If Sarah Palin Falls in a Forest?”–headline, Salon.com, Oct. 16

Answers to Questions Nobody Is Asking

  • “Why Sharron Angle Did Not Win the Nevada Debate”–headline, Esquire.com, Oct. 15
  • “Why Germany Has It So Good–and Why America Is Going Down the Drain”–headline, AlterNet.org, Oct. 14

It’s Always in the Last Place You Look
“New Fish Species Found Deep Below Ocean Surface”–headline, CNN.com, Oct. 15

Too Much Information
“The Truth About Barney Frank”–headline, Forbes.com, Oct. 15

Everything Seemingly Is Spinning Out of Control

  • “Times Endorses Republican in State Comptroller’s Race”–headline, NY1.com, Oct. 16
  • “For the First Time, Beer Is Not the Answer”–headline, Daily Telegraph (London), Oct. 14

News of the Tautological

  • “Report: Facebook Apps Transmitted Personal Info”–headline, Associated Press, Oct. 18
  • “Poll: Those Craving for Change Now Look to the GOP”–headline, Associated Press, Oct. 17

News You Can Use

  • “Tricks of the (Drug) Trade”–headline, Times (Munster, Ind.), Oct. 17
  • “How to Kill Americans: A Guide to the Really Effective Ways”–headline, PajamasMedia.com, Oct. 15

Bottom Stories of the Day

  • “Huntsville Won’t Open Community Recreation Center in Blossomwood”–headline, Huntsville (Ala.) Times, Oct. 16
  • “High Times Writer Nabbed in Pot Bust”–headline, WNBC-TV website (New York), Oct. 16
  • “U.N. Environment Chief: ‘We Are Destroying Life on Earth’ “–headline, MSNBC.com, Oct. 18
  • “NATO Official: Bin Laden, Deputy Hiding in Northwest Pakistan”–headline, CNN.com, Oct. 18
  • “Dowd Unhinged–Again”–headline, Commentary website, Oct. 17

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