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‘No, You Ask Him to Be the Last Man to Die for a Mistake!’
“Morticians in Kerry Continue Dispute”–headline, Irish Times, Feb. 10

Out on a Limb

  • “Donald Trump at CPAC: Ron Paul ‘Has Zero Chance of Getting Elected’ “–headline,DailyCaller.com, Feb. 10
  • “CPAC: Donald Trump Can’t Be Serious About Running. Can He?”–headline, The New Republic website, Feb. 10
  • “Gingrich Slams Obama at CPAC: He’s ‘No Ronald Reagan’ “–headline, Yahoo! News, Feb. 10

And What’s Obama Doing in Cambodia?

“Ron Dzwonkowski: What’s That Hat They’re Giving Obama?”–headline, Detroit Free Press website, Feb. 10

A Total Ban on Wires
“Obama Promotes Plan for Near Universal Wireless”–headline, Associated Press, Feb. 10

We Blame Global Warming

  • “Dumped On by Data: Scientists Say a Deluge Is Drowning Research”–headline, Chronicle of Higher Education, Feb. 10
  • “Risk of Flooding Recedes in Gore”–headline, NewsTalk ZB website (New Zealand), Feb. 8

With DNC in Mind, City Bans Carrying Urine, Feces

  • “Do Anonymous Leaks Have a Future?”–headline, TechnologyReview.com, Feb. 11
  • “Republicans Turn Congress Into ‘Clogged Toilet,’ Says Democratic Lawmaker”–headline,TheHill.com, Feb. 11

The Lonely Lives of Scientists
“Scientists Discover How to Make Squids Go Completely Berserk”–headline, Christian Science Monitor, Feb. 10

The Lonely Lives of Biologists
“Biologists Unlock Chemical Clues to Courtship in Swordtail Fish Urine”–headline, Texas A&M University press release, Feb. 10

The Lonely Lives of Activists
“Valentine Chocolate Has Activists’ Blood Boiling”–headline, Reuters, Feb. 9

The Lonely Life of Tina Fey
“Fake Palin Shows Up at CPAC, Confusing Some Onlookers”–headline, MSNBC.com, Feb. 11

The Old One Didn’t Hold Enough Water
“City Will Replace Burned Water Tower With Larger One”–headline, Wisconsin State Journal (Madison), Feb. 11

‘Say, Charlie Brown, I’ve Got a Football . . .’
“Fossil Find Puts ‘Lucy’ Story on Firm Footing”–headline, BBC website, Feb. 10

There’s Too Much Light at the South Pole This Time of Year
“Penguin Windows Downsizes”–headline, Replacement Contractor, Feb. 9

Hey, Kids! What Time Is It?
“It’s Cat Guy Week in Los Angeles!”–headline, ModernCat.net, Feb. 10

Questions Nobody Is Asking
“GREEN: Where in the World Is Al Gore?”–headline, Aurora (Colo.) Sentinel, Feb. 10

Answers to Questions Nobody Is Asking
“Gore: I’m Stuck on Level 10 of Angry Birds”–headline, MediaPost.com, Feb. 10

It’s Always in the Last Place You Look

News of the Tautological
“California GOP: Walking Zombies”–headline, BigGovernment.com, Feb. 10

Breaking News From 2004
“Early Days Yet but It’s Always Nice to Beat Kerry”–headline, Southern Star (Cork, Ireland), Feb. 12

News You Can Use
“The Legal Implications of the ‘[Non-]Payment of the Remaining Cows Owed the Bride’s Father”–headline, Volokh.com, Feb. 10

Bottom Stories of the Day

  • “KUHNER: The Hypocrisy of Michael Moore”–headline, Washington Times, Feb. 11
  • “Obama Ignored by Mubarak–Again”–headline, Washington Post website, Feb. 11
  • “CPAC 2011: Tea Party Welcomed by GOP”–headline, Puffington Host, Feb. 11
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