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Girls Have Picked Them Every One
“Where Have All the Rabbis Gone?”–headline, Jewish Week, April 27

Out on a Limb
“Barbour’s Withdrawal Provides No Clues About GOP Chances in 2012”–headline, Washington examiner, April 26

Life Imitates ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’

  • Lt. Jenna D’Sora: “Kiss me.” [Data obliges.] D’Sora: “What were you just thinking?” Data: “In that particular moment, I was reconfiguring the warp field parameters, analyzing the collected works of Charles Dickens, calculating the maximum pressure I could safely apply to your lips, considering a new food supplement for Spot.” D’Sora: “I’m glad I was in there somewhere.”–from “In Theory,” aired June 3, 1991
  • “Secondly, I took in the man himself, this man, President Barack Obama. Regardless of one’s political leanings, there’s no doubt this is a gifted and complex man. Think about what he ponders in any given day?”–WSB-TV (Atlanta) reporter Justin Farmer, quoted by Politico, April 26, 2011

That’ll Teach ‘Em
“Syrian Official Wedding Invitation Withdrawn”–headline, Sky News website, April 28

Why Is a Baseball Player Doing Scott Walker’s Job?
“Brewer Signs 33 Bills Into Law, Vetoes 2”–headline, Arizona Republic, April 26

With DNC in Mind, City Bans Carrying Urine, Feces
“Urine-Contamination Technology Sparks Lawsuit”–headline, Navy Times, April 26

Who’ll Be the New Dean?
“Nevada Governor Appoints Dean Heller to Fill Ensign Seat”–headline, RollCall.com, April 27

The Lonely Lives of Researchers

“Armadillos Can Transmit Leprosy to Humans, Federal Researchers Confirm”–headline, New York Times, April 28

Why Buy the Cow Suit if the Milk Is Free?
“Man Dressed as Cow Steals 26 Gallons of Milk”–headline, WRC-TV website (Washington), April 28

Frosted Luckey Charms, They’re Magically Delicious
“Crash Litters Ohio Turnpike With Breakfast Cereal”–headline, Associated Press, April 27

Questions Nobody Is Asking

  • “Did a Polygamous Imam Lead Prayer in the Florida Legislature?”–headline, Islamist-Watch.com, April 27
  • “He Wants Sex, She Doesn’t. Are Beads the Answer?”–headline, “>Time.com, April 25
  • “Where Do You Pee at Cosmopolitan if You’re Transgender?”–headline, Las Vegas Weekly, April 27

Answers to Questions Nobody Is Asking

  • “Reese Witherspoon: ‘An Elephant Didn’t Fart in My Face’ “–headline, ShowBizSpy.com, April 26
  • “What Katie Couric’s Likely Successor Will Bring”–headline, Associated Press, April 28
  • “Yes, It’s True: The Birth Certificate Is Built in Layers. And There’s an Explanation.”–headline, PajamasMedia.com, April 27
  • “Why Liberals Should See (and Like) Atlas Shrugged Part 1“–headline, Puffington Host, April 27

Too Much Information

  • “Obama’s Budget: More Waste, Fraud, and Self-Abuse”–headline, Human Events, April 27
  • “Hat-Trick Joy for Whitehaven Hooker Chris Smith”–headline, News & Star (Carlisle, England), April 26

Someone Set Up Us the Bomb
“Rhetoric Heats Up in N.Y. Special”–headline, RollCall.com, April 27

News of the Tautological
“Lemming Hordes Perish in Swedish ‘Roadside ‘Massacre’ “–headline, TheLocal.se, April 27

News You Can Use
“Study: Parents Make Bad Drinking Buddies”–headline, KIRO-FM website (Seattle), April 28

Bottom Stories of the Day

  • “Royal Wedding Won’t Pre-Empt Local News”–headline, Enquirer website (Cincinnati), April 28
  • “Comments Made by Carter Stir Consternation”–headline, Korea JoonAng Daily, April 27
  • “Trouble Brewing Between Palestinians and Israelis”–headline, Ha’aretz (Israel), April 26
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