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That’s Easy for You to Say 
“BJP to Elect New Karnataka CM Tomorrow: Yeddyurappa”–headline, Asian News international (India), Aug. 2

Two Morans in One!

  • “Gov. Chris Christie’s ‘Confrontational Tone’ May Cause Him to Lose Needed Partners Among N.J. Democrats”–headline, Tom Moran blog, Newark Star-Ledger website, May 11, 2010
  • “Moran: President Obama Needs a Dose of Chris Christie”–headline, Moran blog, Star-Ledger website, Aug. 2, 2011

Metaphor Alert 
“The administration’s chimerical search for the independents of their dreams has not served the country, nor the president, well. Obama has stumbled ever further into a political heart of darkness, hemmed in on all sides by radical GOP views on government and governance. And he can’t expect independents to bail him out.”–Ruy Teixeira, The New Republic website, Aug. 2

Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My!

  • ” ‘Speaker Boehner should just give it up,’ [Sen. Chuck] Schumer said. ‘He throws piece after piece after piece of red meat to the right wing lion that seems to dominate his caucus. It’s time he tame that lion for the good of the country.’ “–Los Angeles Times, July 29
  • “House Republicans rode the tea party tiger to power last fall. Now it’s turning on them, forcing party leaders to endure embarrassing delays and unwanted revisions to crucial debt-ceiling legislation.”–Associated Press, July 29
  • “The deficit-reduction deal outlined Sunday night bears the unmistakable stamp of tea-party conservatives, who, ironically, may not even vote for it in the end.”–The Wall Street Journal, Aug. 2

Finally, a Bipartisan Agreement

  • “Romney on Obama: Carter Was Better”–headline, WSJ.com, July 15
  • “As one Democratic senator complained: ‘The president veers between talking like a peevish professor and a scolding parent.’ (Not to mention a jilted lover.) Another moaned: ‘We are watching him turn into Jimmy Carter right before our eyes.’ “–Maureen Dowd, New York Times, July 31

If She’s Lost Cher, She’s Lost Middle America 
“Cher Is Definitely Not Voting for Bachmann”–headline, Politico.com, Aug. 2

Longest Books Ever Written 
“The Dumbest Thing Said in Washington Today”–headline, PowerLineBlog.com, Aug. 1

That’ll Teach Him 
“Survivor Skydives to Spite Hitler”–headline, Orange County (Calif.) Register, July 31

U.S. Air Force Selects New Recruiting Slogan 
“The Patriots and Jets Will Save Your Soul”–headline, The Wall Street Journal, Aug. 1

But the Producer and Director Are Still at Large 
“Fifth Con Air Most Wanted Suspect Arrested”–headline, Canadian Press, Aug. 1

What’s Surprising About That? 
“Surprise Bank Robber Sought by Police”–headline, Arizona Republic website, Aug. 1

Hey, Kids! What Time Is It? 

“It’s the Day the Emperor Officially Has No Clothes”–headline, New York Post, Aug. 2

Questions Nobody Is Asking

  • “Why Are We All Keeping Hens?”–headline, Guardian (London), Aug. 1
  • “Has Politico Summer School Already Begun?”–headline, MediaBistro.com, Aug. 1
  • “Do Bees Have Feelings?”–headline, Scientific American website, Aug. 2
  • “Is ‘Christian’ the New ‘Gay’?”–headline, FirstThings.com, Aug. 2

Answers to Questions Nobody Is Asking

It’s Always in the Last Place You Look 
“Herschel Telescope Finds Oxygen Molecules in Space”–headline, Popular Science website, Aug. 1

News of the Tautological 
“Doctor: New Fla. Execution Drug Risky to Inmate”–headline, Palm Beach Post, Aug. 2

Bottom Stories of the Day

  • “Amy Winehouse Was Not Planning to Adopt”–headline, CBSNews.com, Aug. 1
  • “Durban Talks Unlikely to Strike Climate Deal: UN”–headline, Reuters, Aug. 2
  • “Matt Damon Weighs In on the Debt Ceiling”–headline, Politico.com, Aug. 1
  • “Unions Join Against Christie”–headline, The Wall Street Journal, Aug. 2
  • “Jon Stewart Blasts Obama, Tea Party Over Debt Deal”–headline, Reuters, Aug. 2
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