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Because the Alternative Is to Drop Dead at 49 
“Why Turning 50 Can Save Your Life”–headline, Puffington Host, Dec. 28

Other Than That, the Story Was Accurate

  • “Because of an editing error, an article on Monday about Israel’s release of Palestinian prisoners on Sunday, the second half of a swap in which a captive Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, was returned to Israel from Gaza in October, misstated the location of Ofer Prison, the departure point of the released prisoners. It is in the West Bank, not in Israel. The article also misstated the number of prisoners released in the first part of the swap, in October. It was 477–not 1,027, which was the total number released over both phases of the swap. And the article misstated Israeli charges against one of the freed prisoners, Izzedine Abu Sneineh, who had been arrested three years ago at age 15. Israel had accused him of weapons training, attempted murder and possession of explosives–not throwing stones and hanging Palestinian flags from telephone poles.”–New York Times, Dec. 21
  • “An article on Monday about Jack Robison and Kirsten Lindsmith, two college students with Asperger syndrome who are navigating the perils of an intimate relationship, misidentified the character from the animated children’s TV show “My Little Pony” that Ms. Lindsmith said she visualized to cheer herself up. It is Twilight Sparkle, the nerdy intellectual, not Fluttershy, the kind animal lover.”–New York Times, Dec. 30

Homer Nods 
Reader John McClaughry writes in with this correction to our comparison, in a Dec. 16 item, of two lousy Christmas gifts:

A subscription to Tikkun is much better than a lump of coal. You burn the lump, it’s gone. You burn Tikkun, and every month they send you a new one.

We regret the error.

Metaphor Alert 
“Caucusgoers are traditionally inclined to reward such persistent courting–but they seemed unsure Santorum would make it to the church, let alone the altar. Suddenly, lightning struck, in the form of a CNN poll released Wednesday that showed Santorum in third place. . . . His sleeperstatus until the final week has shielded him, for the most part, from negative attacks by opponents. . . . Polls are by definition a snapshot, and thetarget won’t stop moving until all the votes are cast on caucus night. Romney and Paul have bigger campaign organizations than Santorum, and both of them have a lot more chips. Newt Gingrich or Rick Perry may still have a card or two up their sleeves. Santorum’s got the hot hand–we’ll soon see how well he plays it.”–Kathie Obradovich, Des Moines Register website, Dec. 31

Out on a Limb

  • “Ex-Neighbor Says Sandusky ‘Should Have Been More Careful With Boundaries’ “–headline, ABCNews.com, Dec. 27
  • “Romney: ‘I Think I’ll Be Among the Top Group’ “–headline, National Review Online, Jan. 3

We Blame George W. Bush

  • “George W. Bush Barely Mentioned in GOP Campaign”–headline, Associated Press, Jan. 3
  • “George W. Bush, Voldemort Of American Politics, Rules From The Shadows”–headline, Puffington Host, Jan. 2

What They Mean When They Say Obama Saved Us From a Depression 
“Tongue-Depressor Tax Will Harm Jobs, Innovation: Ramesh Ponnuru”–headline, Bloomberg, Jan. 2

‘I Have Been, and Always Shall Be, Your Friend’

  • “Kirk to Endorse Romney”–headline, Chicago Tribune website, Dec. 18
  • “Obama: I Am Not ‘Spock-Like’ “–headline, USA Today website, Dec. 22

He’s Not the First-Born Son After All

  • “Santorum Pursues Iowa Crown Old-Fashioned Way”–headline, Associated Press, Dec. 17
  • “Santorum Fails to Bag Endorsement From Iowa’s King”–headline, Los Angeles Times, Dec. 26

Shortest Books Ever Written 
“What Rick Santorum and John Edwards Have in Common”–headline, Washington Post website, Jan. 2

So Much for the War on Drugs

  • “Sen. Ben Nelson Retiring, Dealing Blow to Dems”–headline, Associated Press, Dec. 27
  • “Eric Holder Tells NY Times He’s Taking Hits for Obama Because ‘We’re Both African American’ “–headline, Mediaite.com, Dec. 18

The Swimsuit Competition Will Be a Horror Show 
“Gingrich, Perry to Miss Virginia Ballot”–headline, WSJ.com, Dec. 24

How Do You Ask an Oompa Loompa to Be the Last Oompa Loompa to Die for a Mistake? 
“Kerry Chocolate Factory Reopens”–headline, Irish Times, Dec. 19

‘They Gave Me a Cup. I Have the Cup to This Day.’ 
“Kerry Winner of the Kingdom Cup”–headline, Kerryman (Tralee, Ireland), Dec. 28

But There’s a Grand-Père Clause for John Kerry 
“France Makes It Harder to Become French”–headline, France24.com, Dec. 30

Larry Craig Is Back in the News 
“Sheriff SUV Probe Stalls”–headline, Times Union (Albany, N.Y.), Dec. 25

With Half His Brain Tied in a Ribbon 
“Rush to Offload Unwanted Christmas Gifts”–headline, TheLocal.fr, Dec. 26

I Saw Mommy Groping Santa Claus 
“TSA Chorus (Yes, You Heard Right) Sings Holiday Songs at LAX”–headline, Los Angeles Times, Dec. 20

This Goes to Eleven Years Ahead 
“Spinal Tap May Predict Alzheimer’s Years Ahead”–headline, CNN.com, Jan. 2

If Readers Can Be Judges, Why Not? 
“You Be the Judge: Are Bloggers Journalists?”–headline, Forbes.com, Jan. 2

Old MacDonald Had a Farm 
“Moo & Oink to Exist in Name Only”–headline, Chicago Tribune website, Dec. 30

The Analysts Were Right

  • “Analysts: Lions Have Flaws, but Dangerous”–headline, Detroit News, Dec. 28
  • “Montain Lion Killed After Preying on Petting Zoo”–headline, Press-Enterprise (Riverside, Calif.), Dec. 28

The Lonely Lives of Scientists 
“Scientists Grow Sperm in Laboratory Dish”–headline, Daily Telegraph (London), Jan. 2

Can’t Surgeons Clean Themselves? 
“Maggots Clean Wounds Faster Than Surgeons”–headline, LiveScience.com, Dec. 19

But Licka Is Quicka 

“Police Claim Waka Flocka Flame Associate Slim Dunkin Killed Over Candy”–headline, PopCrush.com, Dec. 21

Hey, Kids! What Time Is It? 
“It’s Time to Start Talking About Wrestling”–headline, Williamsport (Pa.) Sun-Gazette, Dec. 31

Questions Nobody Is Asking

  • “Is Santa the Canary in the Coal Mine?”–headline, Commentary website, Jan. 3
  • “Is Japan’s Prius Cup the World’s Most Boring Form of Motorsports?”–headline, AutoBlog.com, Dec.27
  • “Why Are We Laughing at Girls in the Twitter-Verse?”–headline, Globe and Mail (Toronto), Dec. 20
  • “If Canada Is Google’s Sweetheart, Why Is Access Still a Problem?”–headline, Canadian Press, Dec. 28
  • “Are Iowa’s Republican Frontrunners Taking Cues from Sharia Law?”–headline, Puffington Host, Jan. 2
  • “Will Santorum’s surge vindicate the power of prayer?”–subheadline, The American Spectator website, Jan. 3
  • “Could Chicken Be the New Monkey Someday?”–headline, New York Times, Dec. 27

Answers to Questions Nobody Is Asking

  • “What I Want From Candidate Obama: Action, Not Promises”–headline, Puffington Host, Dec. 23
  • “Women’s Rights at Stake: Why Iowa Feminists Should Caucus for President Obama”–headline, Puffington Host, Dec. 31
  • “Does Ron Paul See Himself in the Oval Office? ‘Not Really’ “–headline, ABCNews.com, Jan. 2

Look Out Below!

It’s Always in the Last Place You Look

Too Much Information

News of the Tautological

Breaking News From 1956 
“An Election Year Dawns Without Keith Olbermann”–headline, New York Times website, Dec. 29

Breaking News From 2011 
“After Giffords Shooting, Civility Still Elusive”–headline, USA Today, Jan. 1

News You Can Use

  • “Boob Job Vouchers ‘Not a Good Gift Idea’ “–headline, TheLocal.de, Dec. 20
  • “Pepsi Says Mountain Dew Can Dissolve Mouse Carcasses”–headline, TheAtlanticWire.com, Jan. 2

Bottom Stories of the Holiday Season

  • “Japan: After the Tsunami, Little Has Changed”–headline, Newsweek, Dec. 27
  • “White House Politicizing Bureau of Labor Statistics (PJM Exclusive)”–headline, PJMedia.com, Dec. 19
  • “Gary Johnson to Drop Out of GOP Primary to Run as Libertarian”–headline, Politico.com, Dec. 20
  • “In Forthcoming Memoir, Arlen Specter Reveals Turmoil Beneath Exterior”–headline, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Dec. 26
  • “Economic Reform Takes Backseat in North Korea”–headline, Asahi Shimbun (Tokyo), Jan. 2
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