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Brazen Pandering to the Avian-American Vote 
“Romney: ‘I love Big Bird’ “–headline, Yahoo! News, Oct. 3

Good News for Elizabeth Warren
“Tribe Profitable With Las Vegas Management Team”–headline, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Oct. 3

Metaphor Alert 
“Last night’s debate was a bloodbath. . . . We were not seeing 30-second soundbites hand-picked for us by Obama’s journalism cheering squad, or teleprompter-assisted speeches, or dueling press conferences where Romney is grilled but Obama is treated with kid gloves. Up until now, the mainstream press has allowed this president to sit in a bubble, largely unchallenged. Their narrative is that he’s likable, he’s smooth, he’s amazingly cerebral. As for Romney, he’s been branded as stilted, out-of-touch, and phony. Amazing how that conventional wisdom collapses when you peel away the selective lenses and the outside chatter, leaving two men alone on a stage, armed with just their own words.”–Alana Goodman, Commentary website, Oct. 4

We Blame George W. Bush 
“Don’t Blame Jim Lehrer”–headline, Slate.com, Oct. 4

We Blame Global Warming 
“Al Gore Blames Obama’s Poor Debate Performance on High Altitude”–headline, Twitchy.com, Oct. 4

Shortest Books Ever Written 
“Obama’s 5 Best Debate Lines”–headline, Politico.com, Oct. 3

That’s Racist 
“i can’t believe i’m saying this, but Obama looks like he DOES need a teleprompter”–tweet, , Oct. 3

Second Prize Is Two Reprieves 
“Mitt Romney Wins a Reprieve at Presidential Debate”–headline, Politico.com, Oct. 4

¿Qué Haríamos sin los Expertos? 
“Obama, Romney Didn’t Consider Hispanics in Debate, Experts Say”–headline, El Paso Times, Oct. 4

Selling Coals to Newcastle 

“After Colombians, Police Deal Blow to Nigerian Cocaine Trafficking Ring”–headline, Malta Today, Oct. 4

The Lonely Life of L’Oréal 
“L’Oréal Seeks Women in Unlikely Place: On Xbox”–headline, AdAge.com, Oct. 4

Because It Had Done Something Baaad 
“Why Was a Sheep in a Seattle Police Car?”–headline, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Oct. 3

Hey, Kids! What Time Is It? 
“Seamus McGraw: For Democrats, It’s a Dismal Post-Debate Morning”–headline, FoxNews.com, Oct. 4

Questions Nobody Is Asking

  • “What Do the Amish Think of a Mormon Presidential Candidate?”–headline, The Economist website, Oct. 3
  • “Is Climate Change the Sleeper Issue of the 2012 Election?”–headline, TheAtlantic.com,Oct. 3
  • “What Does It Feel Like to Be a Smart Person?”–headline, Slate.com, Oct. 2

Everything Seemingly Is Spinning Out of Control 
“Romney’s Strong Debate Showing Puts Europe on Edge”–headline, Reuters, Oct. 4

Breaking News From 4566997988 B.C. 
“CHART OF THE DAY: Solar Power Has a Long, Long Way to Go to Be Competitive”–headline, BusinessInsider.com, Oct. 3

Bottom Story of the Day 
“Pelosi’s Troops Not Measuring the Drapes”–headline, TheHill.com, Oct. 4

Great Moments in Public Education

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